Instituto de Investigaciones Matemáticas “Luis A. Santaló”

Visita Dr. Pierre Cartier

El profesor Pierre Cartier del Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques
(IHES) visitará el IMAS este miércoles 26 de marzo.

Pierre Cartier es uno de los grandes matemáticos de la segunda mitad del
siglo XX, miembro muy influyente de la tercera generación de Bourbaki y
célebre por su cultura vasta. En el marco de su visita, el profesor
Cartier dictará dos Conferencias.

Primera Conferencia
Hora: 11:00
Lugar: aula 10, Pabellón 1, Ciudad Universitaria

Título: Groupoids in algebraic geometry and the Galois theory of
nonlinear differential equations

Resumen: Groupoids are not only a convenient way to record a  situation
with many isomorphisms ; they are also geometrical objects as illustrated
by the study of Lie groupoids (Ehresmann , Haefliger ,…) and their Lie
algebr(oids) . Following hints provided by Grothendieck long ago , I shall
extend this theory in the framework of algebraic geometry, and show, after
Malgrange, that this gives the right approach to a Galois theory for
nonlinear differential equations .


Segunda Conferencia

Hora: 15.30
Lugar: Aula 8, Pabellón 1, Ciudad Universitaria

Título: Free probability and large Young diagrams

Resumen: the shape of large random Young diagrams has been studied long
ago by Vershik and his collaborators in Saint-Petersbourg (then
Leningrad). The similarity with phenomena connected to large random
matrices has been explained by the introduction  of “free probability”
(Voiculescu) . I shall report on new EXACT results obtained by Feray and
Sniady from which the asymptotic results follow very easily .



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